About Elie

Welcome to Elie Wine Co., and to the uniquely rewarding world of French wine. Before I established my own company, I worked for many years selling the wines of various countries. And I discovered that as I tried to understand them, all roads of appreciation led me back to the same source: France. So when the opportunity came to open my own store, I made the easy decision to concentrate exclusively on French wine.

Odd as it may sound, I felt French wine really hadn’t received the exposure of many other wines. While everybody knew names like Bordeaux and Burgundy, I sensed a general lack of understanding about the myriad different types of wine even within those famous regions – to say nothing of the wonderful wines produced in other areas of France like the Rhône and Loire Valleys, the Southwest and Alsace. I learned long ago that an informed, knowledgeable customer is a more satisfied one. So for 26 years, while scouring France to bring my customers the best wines and the best values to be found there, I’ve also tried to share insights into how producers think, how they see the role of climate and soil. Meanwhile, I’ve also kept an eye out for the new hot spots and new stars.

Now this shared adventure has brought us to an exciting new place: the Internet and eliewine.com. eliewine.com represents our most personal engagement with French wine culture. We connect you one-on-one with the producers in once-a-week newsletters meant to stimulate an on-going conversation among enthusiasts — you, me, all of us. Of course, our internet connection also offers customers a huge practical edge. It allows me to get the word out quickly on special buys that vanish as quickly as they appear. In other words, to the depth and breadth of France, eliewine.com also adds the excitement of improvisation. And it opens up new paths of exploration.

But please remember that eliewine.com does not reflect the scope of our store, which offers a truly comprehensive selection of French wine. If you’re looking for a particular wine from any part of France, don’t hesitate to contact us. Chances are we have it. Great wines, fresh discoveries, deeper understanding. All the reasons Elie Wine Company is still here.